Saturday, 8 May 2010

Kit & Gift Packs

A1 Gift Set (7 items)
RM 180

A1 Gift Set (7 items)
Product Details:

La Cure Gift Pack A lovely gift idea, full of the wonderful healing and restorative powers of the Dead Sea, these packs will be welcomed by family and friends alike they will remember your thoughtfulness each and every time the gifts are used.

This Gift consists of the following items:

- Shampoo (250ml).
- Bath Salts (500gm).
- Facial Mud Mask(150gm).
- Day Cream (60ml).
- Night Cream (60ml).
- Salt Soap (90gm).
- Mud Soap (90gm).

A2 Gift Basket (12 Items)
RM 350

A2 Gift Basket (12 Items)
Product Details:

This Gift basket consists of the following items:

Bath Salt 500gm, Facial Mud Mask (150gm), Day Cream (60ml), Night Cream (60ml), Mud Soap (90gm), Salt Soap (90gm), Scrub Soap (90gm), Shampoo (250ml), Shower Gel (200ml), Body Lotion (200ml), Foot Cream (100ml), Hand Cream (100ml)

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